1_59 24/7/32

Lea Hurst
24 July [1832]
'We have had no account since we left you of our dear babe. Yesterday we had our school feast, it was a beautiful day. We worked verylurd all that morning at dressing dolls and making bags; Miss Arkwright did not come, nor Lady Darwin, but Miss Sweltenham, Aunt Evans, Miss Hall and some other ladies came. The children had currant tart for their dinner. There were 101 children of our school and 21 of another school besides lookers-on. After dinner we had a fiddler and the children danced. We gave buns all round. Poor Gale was unwell with a bad sick headache which she often has. Papa has gone to Derby and so could not see the feast. I am very tired today with it.
Mama had a good night last night and is better.' 2p CLAYDON

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