1_258 1845

[ca. 1845]

Comments on Dr. Conolly's bookl particularly dealing with Idiots and the concurrence of his views with those of Dr. Fowler; develops the idea that the idiotic infant is not defective in mind, but has its senses closed to natural educative influences; mentions the Idiots at the Bicitre, Paris.
4p Incomplete ULLCOME INST.
1. Dr. John Conolly (1794-1866) a pioneer in England of the humane treatment of the insane. As resident physician to the Middlesex Asylum at Hanwell 1839-1844 he abolished mechanical restraint. The book here alluded to is probably one of Conolly's annual reports. For an account of Conolly's life and work see Introduction by R.A. Hunter and Ida Macalpine to An inquiry concerning the indications of insanity, by John Conolly, 1830, reprinted London, Dawsons, 1964.

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