1_120 1840


Bad weather; her bonnet has come out with great yellow stains, no paper envelope for the veil could be got because of the confusion of a large train of passengers at the railway station in the dark; they drove to Basingstoke station; news of the Aunts Ju and Mai and of Bertha and Beatrice and their games in the garden. Bertha and Beatrice look beautiful in their little black frocks and bows; Jack is ill and Uncle San read Dr. Priestley to them in the morning; Papa and Uncle Sam have gone to Ham to see Morgan 'who is all agog to effect the same system as the Socialists with the Christian religion'; he is coming to dine with the other man 'who calls you Friend Florence or Friend Mary'; family arrangements; political news the Tories losing their temper and Peel quoting from the Aeneid, comparing Macaulay to Aeneas arriving penniless on Dido's shores; F.N. asks for Miss Clarkels letter to be sent to her directly.
8p Incomplete CLAYDON

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