1_106 10/5/39

18 Upper Southwick St.,
10 May [1839]
Uncle Sam has been moved from Thames Bank to Hyde Park by the - advice of Dr. Benjamin Brodiel who is attending him, greatly to Aunt Mai's satisfaction; they will stay in London through May; Parthe has been enjoying herself very much; they are going to the play tonight with Miss Shore; Aunt Octavius has weaned her baby and both are much better for it; she and Mama are going to the Queen's drawing room on the 19th; she was presented at the last drawing room and was not nearly so frightened as she expected; Mr. Parker went with them; it was very pretty; Aunt Mai reads to Uncle Sam all day and is much engaged; Aunt Julia is with the Nicholsons and much better; Papa is very merry in London, and in the evenings always out; they will go back to Embley for a fortnight at the beginning of June, when Mrs. Margaret and Miss Stovin are coming to stay, and at the end of the month will be at Lea Hurst.
1. Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie (1783-1862), F.R.S., F.R.C.S., surgeon at St.George's Hospital.

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