18_604 30/8/72

30 Aug. 1872

Rationalism, and laws of God; refers to Galton's paper on Heredityl; she feels that the enormity of the problem as expounded by Galton seems to take any chance of the individual's ruling his own or his children's fate out of his hands, as he cannot take the 2566 progenitors into account; this may account for the differences between herself and Parthe; '[There is but one regret in all my life that I never have. And that is this: that I never married. Yet fortunately for those who desire the continuance of this world, probably I am the only person in the world of this persuasion - Except those who are married, there is perhaps not one who does not wish or did not at some time wish to marry - or who does not regret not having married. But to me the idea of bringing children in the world - not at random we know - God takes care of that - but of performing an act so entirely beyond our own control (i.e. of modifying the children's natures) has always appeared too immeasurably awful to perform And this whether marriage was or was not for my own happiness].
5p In pencil B.M. Add.MSS.45793.f.219
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