18_546 12/4/72

Embley, Romsey
12 April 1872
F.N.'s pride that he has kept at his noble, useful and in some respects thankless work for so long, twenty years in the face of a good deal of discouragement; she criticises the 'literary critical magazine-y - not readily hardworking - spirit of the day; if she were advising a young man she would urge him to do one thing well, one good, practical, useful thing, don't talk or write but do it; she thinks his life for the past 20 years has been not only compara tively 10,000 times more useful than most men's lives between twenty and forty, but also in itself noble and useful; she is sorry, as he is sorry that he has not made the money he wished; she feels rather anxious to know what he is going to do; F.N. was really thankful Aunt Mai was here so long and without cares; burn; she believes Emily Verney's case to be very bad indeed - they have shilly shallied so long with this dreadful Malta fever, increasing enormously the lung mischief.
7p B.M. Add.MSS.46176.f.59

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