17_42 15/8/70

35 South Street, Park Lane W
15 Aug. 1870
Encloses 5 for the Victoria Stiftung, wishing it were 110 times as much'; it is difficult to draw comparison between German and French misery and that from all accounts the prevailing distress and bewilderment are dreadful; gifts of corn, horses, linen etc. have been coming in through the 'Sub Prefecture' to the Ministries of the Interior and of War, for the soldiers, the wounded, the destitute and widows and orphans; but they fancy the Treasury takes their gifts for the Treasury's own purposes; so all France has been organized in lcomit6s des dames' who collect and the people give for their own widows and orphans, for the destitute wives and children of their own soldiers; every civil hospital has offered beds; 'I have however no special Institution in France to ask your kindness for, like the Victoria Stiftung at Berlin.'

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