17_180 28/11/70

35 South Street, Park Lane
28 Nov. 1870
Encloses letter from Mrs. Cox; she is wife of Col. Cox who was A.Q.M.G. to the wretched Land Transport Corps in the Crimea and got them into capital order; they wanted to start a hospital at Calais, but F.N. recommended them to the Society, who put them in charge of a depot at Amiens; except for Mrs. Capel, Mrs. Cox has been the most efficient of the Society's agents; Sir Harry is safe after the terrific accident to the Express at Harrow where he did such good servicel; Uncle Adams Smith died yesterday; Aunt Julia, and Beatrice Lushington were with him; Frances ionham Carter, Hilary's sister, died on Saturday; F.N. has the truly interesting letter from Mrs. Cowper Coles.
4p In pencil CLAYDON
1. On the evening of Saturday 26th the Euston to Liverpool express ran into some loose wagons at Harrow in a fog.
Six were killed and about twenty injured according to the first reports. Sir Harry Verney was a passenger in a rear carriage and with others he took an active part in organising help for the injured. (Times, 28 Nov., p.12, col.a).

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