15_68 18/4/68

18 April 1868

Nightingale Fund; F.N. has had three answers from Lady Mary Vyner, Miss Campbell, Miss Wilson which she asks him to read over with Parthe, and return to herself; she is unwilling to accede to Miss Wilson'sl request about the Monthly Packet, as it is more trouble looking over other people's writings than writing herself; Miss Wilson is c=inced about Mr. Bowman and Miss Jones; returns Mr. Palfrey with thanks; but disagrees about Lord Palmerston's 'promptitude' in the Canadian Expedition in 1861; she believes it saved England from an American War.
2p In pencil Incomplete CLAYDON
1. Mary Elinor Wilson, Lady Superintendent of Scarborough Ladies' Convalescent Home. Her correspondence with F.N. covering the years 1868-70 is in B.M. Add.MSS.47758.

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