15_37 1/2/68

1Feb.-March 1868]

Indian affairs; Sir B. Frere has asked her what she thinks of Edwin Chadwick; refers to Rawlinson, H. Tulloch, and the Bombay drainage scheme;l Sir H. Storks and Lord Strathnairn's Reporj; Sir J. Laprence, Sir S. Northcote, Capt. Galton and others.
10p In pencil B.M. Add.MSS.45753.fi27
1. Report of the Commission on the Drainage and Witer supply of Bombay on 1. Capt. H. Tulloch's Drainage Scheme and 2.
Mr. R. Aitken's scheme, (See Appendix VII)
2. On lst January 1868 Sir Henry Storks was appointed as Controller-in-Chief of the new Department of Control in the War Office to effect an amalgamation of the Civil Departments of the Army. This had been recommended in the summer of 1867 by Lord Strathnairn's Committee's Report, Pepert cf a Ccomittee appsinted bp the Secretary of State for Uar to enquire into the administration of the Transport and Supply Departments of the Army. London, Harrison. 1867. [Parliamentary Papers, 1867, xv, 343]

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