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35 South Street
15 June 1869
Comments on (1) his Report 1 (2) Dr. Morehead's Sketch in which he raised objections from a medical standpoint 2 (3) Captain Tulloch's Report on drainage and sewerage for Bombay.s Under (3) she supplies a clear statement of the two problems involved, namely removal of surface drainage from heavy rainfall and removal of sewerage in underground drains; the impracticability of large sewers to carry away both is shown.
1. Report on measures adopted for sanitary improvements in India during the year 1868 (Blobdbliography, 61, p.64).
2. Charles Morehead F.R.C.P. (1807-82) Principal of Grant Medical College, Bombay, 1845-62. 'Sketch of sanitary progress in The Presidency of Bombay 1830 to 1860%
3. H. Tulloch, Report on The drainage and sewerage of Bombay, London 1868 - (see Appendix VII).

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