15_291 24/4/69

35 South Street
24 April 1869
F.N. asks whether Lord Northbrook's Committee has upset Lord Strathnairn's recommendations; her work on lying-in hospitals; she feels some awkwardness about asking Charles Hawkins, consulting surgeon of Queen Charlotte's for plans as all the lying-in hospitals in London have been pestering her to place the Nightingale midwifery school with them since the closure of the KCH wards; Dr. Edmunds of the British Lying-in Hospital has come to grief which F.N. is not at all sorry for as he always wanted "us" to join with his very absurd Female Medical Society; the Marylebone Lying-in wards are successful; antagonism to Sidney Herbert's memory.
6p B.M. Add.MSS.45764.f.149

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