15_283 9/4/69

35 South Street
9 April 1869
Returns Proofs of Abstracts of Sanitary Reports (Madras and Bombay) 2 and finds nothing to criticise, in matter or spirit; asks for a statement of death rates of children born in India of European parents; mentions a death rate of 10 per 1000 for soldiers under existing agencies for improvement.
1. Charles Chicheley Plowden was a clerk at the India Office (see Cook, 11, 179-180 for his work in editing the annual blue-books of the Sanitary Department). His correspondence with F.N. covering the years 1868-1870 is in the B.M.
Add0SS.45782 and the Wellcome Institute has a small collection of letters from F.N. and personal papers covering the years 1868-75.
2. Biobibliography, 61, p.64.

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