15_237 29/1/69

35 South Street, Park Lane
29 Jan. 1869
'Most Private'; asks Mr. Rathbone's advice as to what to do with the Memoir of Agnes Jones; the latest portion is 'more fussy, more twaddly, more maundering than the last'; there was also a very long letter from Miss Gilpin which was 'vulgar'; 'when people are so ignorant of the world, & of how the world's business is done, however amiable & excellent, they are never safe from committing such awful blunders as this 'Life" ; F.N. has had a letter from Agnes Jones, aunt, Miss Smyth, claiming 'that she, Miss Smyth, had been the means of sending me to the Crimea, because Agnes had heard of me at Kaiserswerth (4 years after I had come home from the Crimean War)'; Mrs. Higginbotham wants F.N. to withdraw her unfavourable opinion and write a paragraph; the story of the miracles related in the last part of the MS have painfully convinced F.N. of the truth of what she had been told about A.J. 'that her mind was going for same months previous [to her death] - owing to continued deficient sleep & all the other things that you & I know of, aggravating her naturally anxious disposition% 'The Roman Catholic woman has one great advantage over us. She commits her confessions to the priest. And he burlwo thcm. And, if he is a sensible man, goes to sleep whilmA-sno is saying them. We commit our confessions to paper. And our relations publish them. But: one good thing will come out of this publication. No woman who is worth anything will ever write a Diary again - or if she does she will take very good care that, if surprised by unexpected death, it shall be destroyed. 1 F.N. feels she can do no more in the Maltow.
9p B.M. Add.MSS.47754.f.221

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