15_220 8/1/69

35 South Street, Park Lane W
8 Jan. 1869
'Provisional only; Private% suggestions for and criticisms of proposed Lying-in Hospital project?
4p draft B.M. Add.MSS.45801.f.174
1. F.N. always addressed him as 'W.F.' Ommanney, but the plans and memos referred to in 521 are initialled IJ.W.H.I. They are in the British Museum, Add.MSS.45802.f.143 and 169-178.
2. An enquiry into Lying-in Hospitals and the incidence of puerperal mortality the results of which she published in 1871 in introductory notes on lying-in institutions London, 1871. (Biobibliography No. 102 p.96).

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