15_209 1868

[c. 1868]

A lbagarre' at Netley with Mrs. Shaw Stewart compelled to resign; W.O. has now asked her to choose and train a Supt. Genl. and nurses; poor Mrs. S. Stewart had the ball at her feet and has kicked it in the face of every man she had to do with; Mr. Wyatt has reformed the Poor Law system of the worst administered parish in the world, St. Pancras, in 12 months, and has applied for a trained nursing staff for the pew infirmary at Highgate. 'I have long thought that the Poor Law Board is hopeless, and that what we do we must do at the other end, through such men as Mr. Rathbone and Mr. Wyatt.'
2p (incomplete, pp. 5 and 6) CLAYDON
1. Mrs. Deeble (see 128) was appointed to succeed Mrs. Shaw Stewart in 1869.

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