15_128 9/68

[c. Sept. 1868]

Concerning the admission of Mrs. Deeble 1 and other women from Netley and the Herbert Hospital to the Nightingale School; persons already working in institutions are never taken for training.
4p In pencil B.M. Add.MSS.45753.f.82
[Appended to a note frGu Dr. Sutherland saying that 'all Netley are coming to present themselves at Mrs. W.'s levee'l
1. Mrs. Jane C. Deeble (b.1828) entered St. Thomas's in 1868 and at the end of her year's training was described as 'a lady of education and good abilities with plenty of energy and courage but rather too hasty in forming an opinion and wanting in settled firmness of decision.' (G.L.C. Record Office: HI/ST/NTSC4/1). In 1869 she was appointed Lady Superintendent of Army Nursing in succession to Mrs. Jane Shaw Stewart. She remained in that post until 1889. Her correspondence with F.N. covering the years 1869-92 is in B.M. Add.MSS.45775.

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