13_746 26/5/67

35 South Street, Park Lane W
26 May 1867
11 am not sure that I am officially entitled to address you, as I have not had the honour of any communication from you directly'; but she has been asked to give a reply on the construction of the Sydney Infirmary as regards the nursing proposed to be introduced 'from my Training School in London'; 'I need hardly say that 1 consider our Australian colonies entitled to any service, great or small, any labour which it is in my poor power to give - for nothing that I could do would at all come up to what I owe to them'; F.N. has received plans and sundry items of information but wishes she had at least a short report or list of wards with number of beds; she has gone over the plans with Mrs. Wardroper; and the R.M.0. of St. Thomas's Training School; her admiration of the beautiful North Wing so superior to 99 out of every 100 hospitals in Europe; but does make some radical criticisms; F.N. ventures to take the - liberty of offering her Notes on Hospitals; and a paper on Workhouse Nursing; with regard particularly to the Nursing question suggests some organizational reforms; the Nightingale School cannot provide more than four head nurses; she is strongly opposed to putting nurses from different Training Schools together; suggests that the English nursing staff already in Sydney select a few suitable local women who could be trained as head nurses; responsibilities of Head Nurses, and they must have suitable accommodation; the importance of the Superintendent having her roams and offices within the buildings.
14p B.M. Add.MSS.47757.f,191
1. Sir Edward Deas Thompson (1800-1879) President of the Board of Directors of the Sydney Infirmary.

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