13_727 1/5/67

35 South Street, Park Lane 1Y
1 May 1867
Thanks him for the most interesting Sydney public documents; she is sorry to see Australia has the same difficulty as to bad dwellings for the Labouring Classes as England; comments on the Australian Workhouse Act and Public Institutions Inspection Act; necessity for separating sickness from pauperism; the grievous Bombay Health Officer's Report; New South Wales Statistical Register is deficient in not containing the causes of death; she will read the curious little document upon alleged Hospital peccadilloes, chiefly among the Laundresses 'There is a great deal of human nature in the world'; admirable plans for the new North wing; assures Henry Parkes that they will send him of their very best nurses, and they have great reason to place confidence in the lady who will act as Superintendent; she is sending him a small account of the new Pavilion Workhouse Infirmary at Manchester - 'the cheapest & the best thing in the Hospital building we have ever done'.

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