13_712 14/4/67

35 South Street
14 April 1867
Comments on the first four sheets of his 'Social Duties'; changes in the relations between employers and their men; refers to 1 E. Bonham Carter, Sir H. Verney, Mrs. Wardroper, Florence Lees and Agnes Jones.
1. Florence Lees (1841-1923) entered the Nightingale Training School in 1866 at the age of twenty-five. In 1867 she went to Dresden and Kaiserswerth on a tour of the principal hospitals. On her return she took up a nursing post at King's College Hospital. During the Franco-Prussian War she nursed on the Prussian side. When the National Association for Providing Trained Nurses for the Sick Poor was founded in 1874, she became its first Honorary Secretary. She maintained a long and friendly correspondence with F.N. covering the years 1868-1900, which can be seen in the British Museum (B.M. Add.MSS.47756.). After Miss Lees' marriage to the Rev. Dacre Craven in 1879, F.N. even consented to be godmother to one of the children. (For further details of the life and work of Florence Lees, see Mary Stocks, One Hundred Years of District Nursing, London, Allen and Unwin, 1960).

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