13_520 24/10/66

35 South Street, Park Lane W
Colonial Sec. 24 Oct. 1866
Acknowledges his letter relating to the selecting and engaging of 4 trained nurses for the Sydney Infirmary; she will do all she can to forward his kind and wise intention; recalls Australian contributions to the Nightingale Fund; difficulty of providing fit staffs owing to heavy demand; his plan is 'wise, benevolent, and well-digested - namely, begin in the Sydney Infirmary a Training School for Nurses ... and grddually to extend it so as to become a Training School for Nurses for other Institutions in the Colony'; F.N. has been in communication with Mrs. Wardroper; they have considered Dr. Alfred Roberts' excellent business-like Memorandum2; the Matron must be trained in the same Hospital as the four nurses3, and they think the staff of Assistants proposed too small; Captain Mayne and Mrs. Wardroper will enter into further detail.
P.S. sends Notes on Hospitals.
1. (Sir) Henry Parkes (1815-1896) started life as an ivory turner.
In 1839 Parkes emigrated to Sydney. 1854-58 member of the Sydney Legislative Council. 1861-63 Commissioner in England for emigration. 1866-68 Colonial Secretary; between 1872 and 1891 was five times Prime Minister. For his correspondence with F.N. covering the years 1866-92 see British Museum, Add.MSS.47757.
(See Lyne, C.E., Life of Sir Henry Parkes, London, Unwin, 1897).
2. (Sir) Alfred Roberts (1822-1898) L.S.A. educated at St. Paul's and Guy's. In 1854 Roberts emigrated to Sydney where be prad"t-ised until his death; was one of the principle founding members of the Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney; and responsible for the introduc tion of trained nursing in Australia at this early date.
3. For the story of Miss Osburn's expedition to the Sydney Infirmary and the subsequent development of trained nursing in Australia see Freda MacDonnell, Miss Nightingale's young ladies, the story of Lucy Osburn and Sydney Hospital, Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1970.

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