13_457 22/7/66

35 South Street
22 July 1866
Asking Mme. Schwabe to get out her advertisements for 'your Sick and Wounded`land Circulars as soon as possible. 'The great ladies, who, (to their shame be it spoken) subscribe only for the Austrians, have already got out their Second List of Subscriptions'. Offers to answer any questions put by her son-in-law in Germany, but cannot write a treatise at a venture.
1. The 1866 war between Austria and Germany saw the foundation of the national Societies for Aid to the Sick and Wounded according to the principles laid down at the Geneva Convention of 1864.
The British Society was not founded until the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870 (see Biobibliography No.137, p.127).

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