12_383 18/5/66

35 South Street
18 May 1866
'Private'; in answer to his letter of April 30 and his letter to the Infirmary Governors; F.N. has never entered into political or religious controversy but has given her services when authoritatively asked for; she rejoices in the great progress made at Derby in the cause of hospital reform; she thinks she will be able to supply a lady superintendent, who will return to Mrs. Wardroper for further training; she hopes to send the superintendent and staff of nurses by Michaelmas or Christmas; she has had much correspondence with Mr. Wrightl.
LADY HOSKYNS ABRAHALL copy R.C.P., published Med. Hist., 1959 3, 201-211
1. Francis Wright (1806-1873) of Osmanton Manor, Derbyshire. J.P. for Nottingham and Derby. His correspondence with F.N., covering the years,1865-67 is in B.M. Add.MSS.47758.

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