12_29 26/1/65

32 South Street, Park Lane.
26 Jan. 1865
Her regret at his having left without the help of a cab as she had planned; methods used in the Registrar-General's Office for calculating percentages; Dr. Farr suggests Hutton's Logarithms and Barlow's tables of reciprocals; suggests he have a competent man from the Registrar General's Office to help with his Census and Mortality Statistics; thanks him for the second set of Dr. Brydon's Tables which are most valuable as they contain additional data on the Mortality of Women and Children, Native troops and prisoners; she has let the Registrar General see them.
1. James Lumsden Bryden (1833-1880) Assistant Surgeon, Bengal Medical Department, 1856; author of the vital statistics of the Bengal Presidency and reports on Cholera. (see Appendix VII).

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