12_18 19/1/65

27 Norfolk Street, Park Lane W.
19 Jan. 1865
She is sending one of the earliest copies of the 'Remarks' 1 - virtually a sequel to the 'Suggestions% suggests the Presidency should have surveys made according to the following plan: 1. 'The Sanitary Commission to advise the Government as to the Stations most requiring improvements 2. Government to appoint a Committee to survey the station or town, as laid down in the Suggestions and Remarks ...
3. Survey Commission to report, as advised in Suggestions and Remarks. 4. Sanitary Commission to examine reports and plans and make their recommendations. 5. Reports and plans are then to be sent home to the India Office for sanction (when they would be submitted to the War Office Commission); it is fortunate that the War Office has been able to recommend a course of proceeding to be followed at all Indian Stations.
1. Remarks by the Barrack and hospital improvement commission on a report by Dr. Leith ... (Biobibliography, no.57, p.61) [See Appendix VII for papers relating to Sanitary Affairs in India]

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