10_619 2/2/64

115 Park Street,W
2 Feb. 1864
F.N. encloses a letter from Robertl whom she has advised to stay where he is until he hears about the place with Lord Kinnaird: she thanks Uncle Sam for the note about Mr, Bullar; an attack on her book in the Medical Times of Saturdallis as intemperate as Mr. J.
Bullar's was courteous; Dr. Farr is to answer it3; her party are curious to see Mr. John Bullar's second letter; 'I am too weak for curiosity.
4p BW, Add,MSS,45793,f.41
1. Robert Robinson
2. Medical Times and Gazette, 1864, i, 129.
3. Farr's reply to the attack on her book, Notes on Hospitals, Ibid, p.186.

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