10_551 10/12/63

32 South Street, Grosvenor Sq.
10 Dec. 1863
F.N. has never forgotten his kind wish to have a copy of her book on Hospital Constructionl, but it is only out today; she wished to be able to tell him that his beautiful plans for the Herbert Memorial Convalescent Cottage2 were actually and fairly started, but it is weary work dealing with Committees; Mr. Sotheran Estcourt, the Chairman, has ordered tenders to be advertised for but the site is not yet purchased; the originals have been returned and are to be emploved upon a Convalescent Home for King's College Hospital on Lord Brownlow's estate; F.N. fears this will be done first.
4p [Letter in copy of Notes on Hospitals]
B,M. Add.MSS,46123A0,7
1. Notes on Hospitals, 3rd edition, revised and enlarged (See Biobibliographg, no.101, p.94).
2. Thomas, of the Surveyor's Department of the War Office, submitted plans for the Herbert Memorial Convalescent Hospital.

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