A los amigos de Cochrane y Tortel

A los amig@s de Cochrane y Tortel:

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Marvellous Ektachrome! Calypso Nikkor underwater camera; manual settings with no exposure meter.

Coyhaïque: view from the mirador, 1975
The hillsides today are covered with what look like industrial conifer plantations.

Confluence of the Baker and La Colonia rivers, February 1975.
There is less snow on the peaks now, at the same time of year.
There was no road from Coyhaique then ...
DC-3 plane at Cochrane airstrip in 1975.
Old Town Hall, Cochrane, 1975
Nobody seems to remember where it was, but perhaps the
site can be located by the hill in the background.
A settler's cabin, Lago Vargas, 1975.
This house later burned down.
In 2006, the little girl was working in the supermarket at Tortel ...
El profe with 10-year-old guide, 1975
Fishing companions, 1975
Fishing companions, 1975
The boy on the left was the only one with shoes: simple squares of leather tied on with rawhide thongs.
On the river, 1975.
For days this young local man and I rowed down the river.
It seemed like a 'Huck and Tom' adventure.
Caleta Tortel, 1975
The Naval Base.  Some of the buildings were still there in 2006.
El Sargento, 1975.
Not a man to get on the wrong side of.
  Family gathering at Caleta Tortel, 1975.
The young girl now has a family of her own and lives in Cochrane.
Manhandling a boat upriver against the current, 1975.
One of the crew is pulling on the towrope.
El Profe not popular because he was taking photos instead of doing his share of the work.
Meeting of friends, 1975.
The Wedding Feast, 1975.
On the north side of the Baker.
Dancing at the wedding.
El Gringo (front), brother of the bride.
My previous boatman at the rear.
This was the only part of Chile where my nickname was
not Gringo, because the bride's brother went by that title.
The called me El Caballero instead. Complimentary, possibly
to the point of sarcasm in view of my riding skills.
Nobody went on foot there.
El Caballero,
or even El Jinete, 1975
(Prof. Hugh Small M.,
Profesor Titular,
Universidad de Concepci?n.)
Crossing the Rio Baker in 1975.
A home-made rowboat, with a man sitting in the stern pulling the horses into the river to swim behind.
The second boatload.
The track from Tortel to Cochrane, 1975.
Near Lago Chacabuco.

"... wild fuchsia, bamboo, and sunlit rocks ..."

A campfire gathering, 1975.


And finally ... do you recognise this well-known (in 2006) local musician in the 1975 photos?

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