Florence Nightingale: Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Florence Nightingale?
When was she born?
Why was she called “The Lady with the Lamp”?
What happened to her after the Crimean War?
What is the “Nightingale Pledge”?
Did she keep an owl in her pocket?
Was she bossy?
Did God call her?
Did she pretend to be ill to make people work harder for her?
Did she invent nursing?
Did she have ME, Fibromyalgia, or Brucellosis?
Did she die happy?
Was she a virgin?
Was she a lesbian?
Did she try to help women to get the vote?
Did Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole know each other?

Where is Florence Nightingale buried?
Did she die of syphilis?
Did she only help to emancipate middle class women or did she help the lower classes?
Did she work for the health of people of other nationalities and religions than her own?
Why didn’t her parents want her to work in hospitals?
What medals did she receive?

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