Hugh Small biography


Hugh Small graduated from Durham University with honours in physics and psychology. For two years in the 1970s he taught  in the University of  Concepcion in Chile. He then spent six years in Paris designing the first commercial internet, the shared airline reservation network. From 1983 to 1999 he was a partner in two US strategic management consulting firms, Arthur D. Little and A.T. Kearney. He led European teams advising governments how to privatise and regulate telecommunications services industries in Europe, Asia, the USA, and Australasia.

His hobbies include researching, writing, and lecturing about social and public health history. His historical publications include Florence Nightingale and Her Real Legacy (Robinson, 2017) and The Crimean War (History Press, 2018).

He  is a widower with two daughters and five grandchildren and lives in London.

Examples of lecturing and broadcasting assignments:
2017 Lecturing to UCL MSc. students in Social Epidemiology: (on road safety as a public health issue)
2016 & 2017 UCL Summer School Module ISSU1012 Population and Public Health (on ‘the health of streets’)
2017 Oxford University Department of Continuing Education conference: Picturing Mathematics
2010 Royal Statistical Society conference: The Passionate Statistician
2010 BBCFour ‘Future of Diagrams’: Florence Nightingale’s Rose Diagram
2010 Sheffield Hallam University: In the Footsteps of Florence Nightingale
2007 Yorkshire Medical Society: Florence Nightingale
2004 Royal Society of Medicine (History Section): Florence Nightingale
1999 University of Buckingham: Florence Nightingale