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Florence Nightingale eBook and paperback

The book that revealed the truth about one of the most famous women in history, promoting her from sentimental nursing heroine to political mover and shaker. Now the second edition (2013) shows how she helped to draft and implement the legislation that increased life expectancy outside hospitals.
‘A masterly piece of historical detective work’ – Telegraph Read more …

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Europe v. Russia: how it began eBook and paperback

The world war that everyone wanted to forget. It condemned Europe to a century of slaughter and still causes today’s divisions in the Ukraine. Read more …


Free: Solving the Productivity Puzzle, or how to ‘game’ the GDP calculation

Visit Hugh Small’s political economy site and download some information on what ‘economic growth’ really means.

 In memoriam

Free: Homage to Patagonia

Just a photo essay from a time of exile. Click here to see what Chilean Patagonia was like in 1975 when author Hugh Small was there, and find out what they are doing to it now …

Hugh Small biography

Hugh Small is a business consultant and political economist with a long career in industry after graduating from Durham University with honours in physics and psychology. From 1976 to 1981 Hugh was the principal network architect for the world’s first commercial internet, the SITA multi-airline reservations network, where he designed routing and flow control procedures and commissioned packet-switching hardware and software.From 1983 to 1999 he was a partner in two US strategic management consulting firms, Arthur D. Little and A.T. Kearney, managing telecom industry consulting teams.
Hugh Small’s historical publications include Florence Nightingale, Avenging Angel (Constable, 1998) and The Crimean War (Tempus Publishing, 2007). He lives in Marylebone and until recently was Secretary of the Westminster branch of Living Streets, the national charity that campaigns for more active travel (cycling, walking) and for improvements in the urban environment to encourage it. He is a Council member of the St. Marylebone Society. He is a widower with two daughters and five grandchildren.